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To celebrate the release of his uplifting new track Echoes, Millbrook hits us with fresh mix.

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Passion, art and love are often witnessed in their purest forms when snatched from the darkest of times. During the grey, solitary march that was the European summer lockdown, Millbrook ended up meeting his, now partner. Together they co-created ‘Echoes’; the uplifting track that was born from a need to capture people’s frustration of not being able to attend live events. Soaring pads, euphoric synths and bubbly beats combine to create an energetic vibe which is so inspiring it almost drips hope from each of its glorious, hands-in-the-air build-ups and every bouncy, broken-beat drop.


Millbrook – Echoes (ft. Eviya)

1991 ft. BullySongs – Power

Wilkinson & Sub Focus – Air I Breathe

Millbrook – Never Forget (ft. Takura)

Upgrade – You Got Me

Camo & Krooked – Set It Off

Culture Shock – Bunker

Millbrook – Refractions

Dimension – UK

Netsky & Sub Focus – Destiny (ft. Jozzy)

RL Grime & Juelz – Formula (IMANU Remix)

1991 – Dun Kno

Pendulum – Nothing For Free

Subsonic – With You

Enei – Sinking

Annix, K Motionz & Simula – Diagram

Bensley – Secrets (Flite Remix)

Annix – Regenerator

Sub Focus – Out The Blue

Dossa & Locuzzed – Blinded (Millbrook Remix)

Camo & Krooked – Witchdoctor

Wilkinson – Breathe

Matrix & Futurebound – Hindsight (Millbrook Remix)

Camo & Krooked – Turn Up The Music (Pola & Bryson Remix)

BCee – Cannot Escape Your Love (Millbrook Remix)

Dimension – Remedy

Sub Focus & Wilkinson – Freedom

Millbrook – Rituals

Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn (Culture Shock Remix)

Camo & Krooked – Mandala (ft. Mefjus) (Malux Remix)

Wilkinson – Half Light

Millbrook – What Now

Mohican Sun – Darkest Hour

Camo & Krooked – Mandala

Millbrook – Broken Love

Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll

Netsky – Look At Me Go (ft. Daren Styles)

The Caracal Project – Watercats

Kanine – Back In Time (ft. A Little Sound)

Bensley – Kilauea

Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Friction Remix)

Annix – Axshun

Dimension – Raver

Camo & Krooked – Loa

Netsky – Mixed Emotions (ft. Montell2099)