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A pivotal influence on the hardcore techno scene in the early nineties, with a discography which ranges from jungle to house music, Nookie has been ahead of the game for decades. With releases on imprints such as Labello Blanco, Reinforced, Moving Shadow and Good Looking, he continues his legacy with a brand-new single on Metalheadz, extending across an array of subgenres and it’s a natural progression from his acclaimed remix of Goldie’sInner City Life’.

The Rage mix of ‘Kaeya’ is receiving support from BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong tonight as his ‘Essential New Tune’ which sets the standard for the release. With deep, heavy sub bass and pounding kick drums, the vocals soften a formidable record which speaks of the current climate, proving that club-orientated tracks are still having their effect on listeners.