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Known for her killer skills during live sets and her entertaining radio residencies at Data Transmission and Rough Tempo, MEL is also quickly becoming recognised as one of finest up and coming producers. She was the first female artist to ever be nominated for an award in the Drum and Bass arena awards best track category as well as a nomination for best newcomer in 2021 is safe to say MEL is making waves in the scene right now.

Her latest release ‘Live Wire’ on Viper Recordings is a warping slab of hard hitting, neuro mix with a squelchy bassline. Highly distorted synths twist through the body of the track weaving their way through layers of punchy stop-start hats and a thick soundscape full of techy hits. The ominous breakdown, laden with modulated vocals barely gives us a chance to catch our breath before we’re thrown back into the intoxicatingly relentless mix. Not one for the faint hearted ‘Live Wire’ is ready to spark some serious energy in the dance.

To celebrate the release of her latest release on Viper, we asked her to select the five artists she’s keeping an eye on this month. You can find the list below, as well as grab a copy of ‘Live Wire’.


I’m a huge fan of Cauzer’s sleek and dark sound, ‘Form One’ and ‘Focal Point’ are my favourites of hers. Her productions are such high quality for somebody who is only 20 years old. With signings to Critical Music already under her belt, I’m excited to see what the future holds for her. 

V O E 

A sick duo all the way from Australia, currently on their first international tour and signing bangers to Viper, RAM and Liquidity to name a few. Loving the huge cinematic, atmospheric vibes they’re producing with powerful vocals. 


Two incredibly hard working up and comers. It’s really wicked to see S9 recently sign some of their tracks to Rene Lavice’s label ‘Device’ and Sigma’s label ‘Beats Bass Life’. Their DJ sets blow my mind – they always deliver such strong track selections and huge blends. I look forward to seeing what these guys do next.


Tempa is smashing it as a producer and a DJ, in what is arguably, one of the most male dominated sub genres of Drum & Bass and it’s so good to see. She’s already got the attention of big D&B brands such as Hospitality, Breakin Science, Raveology and Jungle Mania. Speaking of Jungle Mania, the mix she did for them a few months ago was sick! 


The SyRan lads have really honed their craft and are so consistent with their work, everything they release is top quality which makes sense for RAM to sign them. Their latest track ‘Rip Your Face Off’ is an absolute belter!