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Following on from his most recent single ‘Bad Science’, US drum & bass producer Locknar is back underneath his own self-releasing banner for a brand-new output. After making a name for himself within the video game sphere, an area which is renowned for its intricately engineered bodies of work, there’s no surprise that Locknar was able to inject the same music writing capabilities into his drum & bass production. And after completing the release of his ‘Madness: Project Nexus’ best-selling album, as well as ‘Bad Science’ which caught a myriad of taste-maker support, his return will see him build on an already unshakeable foundation alongside a heavyweight production standard, one which pushes forward with next record ‘Sublimation’

‘Sublimation’ sees Locknar remain in the unforgiving arrangements and explosive style which has become a signature for the producer. The track’s hook is an instant ear worm and with tightly woven percussion it smashes into each of its crescendos. With his sci-fi inspirations and neurofunk led breakdowns, Locknar once again goes for the jugular with ‘Sublimation’. Soaring layers of synthesis, a reverberating sub bass and quickly switching drum sequences feature throughout the meticulously composed record, and it adds to a growing drum & bass repertoire for Locknar

Locknar is only beginning to embark on the release schedule he’s laid out for himself as he enters 2023. If ‘Bad Science’ and ‘Sublimation’ are anything to go by, his profile is looking to elevate not only in the US, but cross continental as his ascent continues.