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Letsynthesize is a music teaching project from Dan Larsson, which he’s been working on and expanding since he fully immersed himself in the world of electronic music. Following a range of his own productions under several artist names, he soon became interested in how he’d be able to help like-minded individuals, especially those who wanted to create electronic music themselves. This is how the idea of Letsynthesize came about.

The company Letsynthesize began its life as a YouTube music channel made primarily for sound design tutorials (most notably for dubstep). This grew into a huge demand for deeper production knowledge from Dan, leading to him opening his own academy. Providing courses which take students through their journey from start to finish, Dan injected the ethos which was people learn best from both watching and doing, emphasizing the benefits of practice. And so far feedback has been exceptional, with most noting that they’ve been able to improve not only their sound design but also their music making in general.

With the combination of great teaching and production skills, Letsynthesize stands out by not focusing on one or the other. Whilst many courses from top players seem attractive, without the teaching abilities to transfer these skills there’s isn’t much to learn. The opposite is also true – which is why many of the tutorials are based around individual tracks, ones which create the initial pull for each student. Considering how so much of the way we view media today is fast paced, Letsynthesize tries to slow this down. The detail in their videos make them the perfect introduction to music production, as well as to help producers hone their skills. This is why Letsynthesize has garnered so much attention and why it’s continuing to expand.. With more to come from the company in 2022.

We asked Dan Larsson to give us the top five producers he’s been keeping an eye on lately. You can check out the list below, as well as the Letsynthesize channel via this link.

Leotrix – Whenever Leotrix releases something I can hear innovative sound design and fresh ideas that don’t come from the past. This producer is very forward thinking.

Ace Aura – This dude also is very innovative with his stuff but what really makes me wonder is how he can fuse melodic and hard sounds and ideas into very a fresh production.

Logistics – This producer puts lots of effort into very simple sounds to make them sound huge. As a sound designer I always wonder how can anybody use saw plucks or sine waves in a way that gets them to instantly come to life by adding a pad or just a reverb effect in the background. Now Logistics does exactly the same thing. Uses the simplest sounds but the end production is crazy.

Rachel K Collier – This YouTube girl does the same like Logistics. She does not involve complex sound design (that really surprises me all the time) and combines this with her beautiful voice and does magic with it all whilst playing live. Such a wow factor!

Kobi McCaull – Another YouTuber who’s music is a little different than what I do but again: this is why I am stunned. I can see how so many different style of sounds can bring such awesome results. Kobi makes more pop, hip-hop and trap style songs and spices them up with his precocious vocals. Love him!