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Atlanta based dance music producer Kreios has just launched his debut single ‘Asylum’. Coming from such an influential hub in the US, he’s dedicated himself to exploring the boundaries of otherworldly, dark electronic music and listening to ‘Asylum‘ it’s clear he’ll be known for his atmospheric soundscapes and haunting melodies. He pulls together a mix of industrial, ambient and experimental styles, something which can be heard throughout his brand new delivery.

We caught up with Kreios who gave us the rundown of artists he’s been listening to lately, helping us to dive into his artistic influences and explore the new producer following the new record’s release.


DVNK is really pushing some boundaries in the bass scene, generally trap driven drums and beats with
ethereal basses and musically rich melodies and tones. Bass music that you can connect and feel really
drive this producer’s sound. Would keep an eye on this project (and a few collabs we have coming!)


Saturna is everything I love about modern electronic music, reaching into the realm of Clozee and similar
artists (downtempo beautiful music – detox as some would call it), he brings instrumentation at the
forefront and delivers magic with each track. I really encourage you to dive first into his catalog – amazing producer.


Another technically brilliant producer – digging deep into his sound selection and palette he has found a
unique place delivering disco vibes with a modern feel. The chord progressions, sound selection, and
just beautiful arrangement really brings you into his world.


A bass producer pushing the boundaries, with fresh sound design, and beautiful tone, he captures the
essence of what he’s bringing to the table: Innovation & freshness – You can hear this on his rendition of
wait”. Give him a listen, he’s going places.


A local friend and producer, his style is deep in the twerk and hip-hop bass. Energetic beats and lots of
experimental sounds really get the body moving. Incredibly talented with a discography to support the
hype – he will be playing at our festivals soon.