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Producer and DJ John Dee makes a return to Future House Cloud following releases alongside the likes of Viper Recordings and NCS, with his new single ‘Pump It Up’ already wracking up support from the likes of UKF. A record which has had pride of place within his recent DJ sets, across an international tour which has seen him extend his sounds from his home base in Germany to across the globe, it further solidifies his place within bass music. Something which the rest of his discography has firmly achieved too.

To celebrate the release of ‘Pump It Up‘ we asked John Dee to give us a rundown of the tracks and artists he’s been feeling recently, which you can check out below. Be sure to grab a copy of his brand new single out now on Future House Cloud here too.


This dude from Estonia is on fire and super underrated on my opinion. He’s been putting out such great tunes like his remix of “Monsters”. Unique sound design very strong production, I both love to listen to and play his music.


I’ve discovered this guy at the end of last year and he is just constantly delivering new bangers on a regular basis.


If you like drum and bass and don’t know this dude you are really missing out! His Spotify is full of bangers and he’s putting out such great quality music on a regular basis.


Super refreshing to me, I’ve always been a fan of dubstep but this a new interpretation to me. Something in between trap and dubstep while he’s only using the best of both worlds.


Since dashstar* he is constantly delivering a new style of bass house that I very much enjoy. Recent collab with NGHTMRE is just something different.