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Established in 2021, independent record label In The Lab Recordings prides itself in focusing on both the tech and experimental sides of drum & bass. Two years on, they’ve slowly been building a roster that has helped further push the label’s sounds into DJ sets across continents. Now for their biggest release to date, they’re introducing their massive Various Artists – Matter:1 compilation to their audience and it features some of the most imperative parts of the label’s growing history. 

Containing five brand new selections, the track list brings through a host of newcomers who make their mark within In The Lab Recordings camp. Beginning the track list is Ezro, Aaron Payne and the vocal talents of Stuart Rowe join forces on the scuttling sounds of ‘Can’t Escape’. Meanwhile, Elder’s ‘Incitement’ provides a techier offering, broken up with instrumentals between each segment. SCARFIE’s ‘Moment Now’ then receives the remix treatment from Cuepric, with the original’s vocals chopped between each cascading breakdown. TER3NCE with ‘Monster’; the Netherlands based producer delivers a driving, high energy record which directs its listener straight to the dancefloor. Then finally, Phadix’s ‘History’ provides a more laid offering, with rolling beat rhythms carrying the mix. 

It’s a landmark release for a label still in its infancy. With tastemaker support already confirmed from Drum & Bass Arena, Skank n Bass, Studio Drum & Bass plus more, they’ve already commenced their climb to the underground’s upper limits – and ‘Matter:1 marks only the beginning.  

Get it here.