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We Bring you our favourite ones to watch’s ones to watch. (Trust us, they make sense!)

Since Hillsdom’s first release on Ram, on part 4 of the imprint’s explosive Ram Rave series, the production duo were working hard to prepare the next part of their journey on its sister-label Program (out now!). To celebrate, they’ve given us a rundown of their favourite artists of the moment – all of which you need to keep your eye on over the coming year but already providing high quality, chiselled beats to jump into this Friday.

Tom Finster – Bringing that new game-changing sound and an eclectic mix of musicality, exciting sound design and crisp production.

Hadley – Versatile artist bringing crisp hitting drums and meticulous bass design. Bags of heat to come from him.

Visages – Consistently vibey tracks with a perfect mix of deep, techy and soulful.

Workforce – Timeless simplicity every time, top shelf production and honest music.

The Caracal Projec
t –  Another fresh unique take on dnb, one of those producers that makes you ask yourself ‘how tf he do that?’

Hillsdom- Why the hype?

With a plethora of releases under their belt, as well as a host of tastemaker support which has seen the young producers consistently listed as certified ‘ones to watch’, their individual debut on Program ‘Tell Me Your Lies’ and ‘Stone Soul’ solidifies their place on the imprint.

Alongside releases on Technique, Pilot and Viper, they’re setting the pace for 2021 with their brand new Program release.