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Following the release of their LP sampler ‘Pissed Up’, Forum now delivers the brand new sounds of their debut album as a project. ‘Symposium’ sets the tone for their burgeoning career together, one which they launched within the ProgRAM camp, a label which has spent ten years in the game and sits as the sister-label of historic imprint RAM Records. It was only apt that they would use this name to drop their biggest body of work to date, with it symbolizing the start of Forum, although known under artist names such as The Clamps, Opsen and SKS, they’re certainly no strangers to the drum & bass genre.

The rumbling tones and homage to their home country ‘Jouvence’ kicks off proceedings, meanwhile ‘Tandoori’ with its guttural movements and ‘Steady State’ ft. Medic MC adds an urgency to the track list. The ebbing and flowing current of ‘Corruption’ comes out next, as ‘In My Mind’ continues the bass heavy offerings, and ‘The Wegger’ with Cecil Hotel introduces you to another familiar ProgRAM name. ‘Every Step Define Me’, ‘Ohka’, the inclusion of the album’s sampler and ‘Medicine Device’ meanwhile continues the high production quality and cavernous bass riffs.

Finally, LaMeduza sets themselves as a featuring artist with ethereal vocals cutting through the grinding rhythms of ‘Mesmerise’, as ‘Summer Breeze’ changes the mood with a delivery which rolls between its lush layers. So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM – alongside a brand new package which signifies the talent available within the label’s remit, exemplified for Forum’s forthcoming ‘Symposium’ album.