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Having signed exclusively to Elevate Records, Flowidus (based in Australia and New Zealand) make a comeback with brand new single ‘Fire. With an already weighty catalogue which includes remixes for the likes of DC Breaks (breaking into the Beatport Top 10), their support also includes names such as Pendulum, Friction, Shock One and Andy C, as well as Radio 1 and George FM. And while the rest of the world is in lockdown, Flowidus are making history in New Zealand and Australia, touring expansively across the festival and club circuit. ‘Fire’ shows how the pair have taken clear inspiration from the explosive live scene in their home countries.

To celebrate the release of ‘Fire’, we caught up with Flowidus who’ve let us know the four artists we need to keep an eye on in the coming months…


He is really pushing the sound forward but keeping that raw and rough element to his production. Crazy good engineering as well as musical comparison. He is one to watch for sure. 

Document One

These guys are simply the best, although they have been around for a while, we have to mention them. Their production style is so rich with technicality and flavour, its just crazy. You can hear their tracks from a mile away. They are always ones to watch and one of our top if not top producers.


So we met them on the weekend at a gig in Adelaide and they showed us their EP. Oh my days, these guys are serious. They could go well beyond DNB. Imagine Koven with a slight twist. They also have a mad live show with key tars and singing. Also, top shelf humans too! 


Storming through the NZ scene currently, Witters is definitely a massive up and coming artist in the NZ scene. Top lad, top dj and a talented producer. Definitely one to watch.