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The brand-new EP from VALE, following the release of its counterpart emjulate’s ‘Pestilence’ project, demonstrates the imprint’s commitment to sonic diversity. This has always been an approach which the label has adopted, following a string of dispatches which have included singular packages and compilations signposting to a range of genres and styles throughout. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by tastemakers, with support including BBC Radio 1 and Rene LaVice. Never constraining themselves to one genre, the North American moniker continues to innovate and this time they enlist several of VALE’s guest artists to have their take on emjulate’s most recent release. 

From breakout names such as latesleeper, through to names like underground stalwart Tom Finster, they’ve placed themselves as a landing pad for many producers across the spectrum of high-energy sound design. For the final part of 2022, they’ve enlisted artists to give emjulate’s ‘Pestilence’ the remix treatment. Uprising is first up to the plate, drawing a more skipping, percussive groove through ‘Tinker’. Meanwhile, Netherlands based Subp Yao, known through their work on YUKU, reveals a crisp delivery of ‘Petbot’. D:enigma adds a striking urgency through their 4/4 rendition of title-track ‘Pestilence’. Then the last to have their signature over the Slovenia maestro’s work is Klippee, who punches their own thumping bass melody into ‘Micro Waves’ and features previous accolades on Guidance, Critical and Shogun. You’re once again taken through the motions by VALE’s extensive roster, which stretches into every sphere within the more unforgiving sections of dance music.

VALE draws the New Year to a close with another submersive release. Highlighting how they remain building a catalogue which isn’t afraid to go against more commercialised success.

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