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In 2021 Dr. Apollo dropped debut album ‘The Simulation’ on ProgRAM, following a relationship with the label which has stretched from RAMLive streams through to releases as part of both the imprint and its sister label RAM Records. Now fresh off the press, Dr. Apollo comes through with brand new single ‘Michelangelo / Stronger’, a reintroduction to the producer and his continuing legacy alongside ProgRAM.

Making no secret of his love for the scientific modes of music making, ‘Michelangelo’ sits as the single’s a-side with an intricate sound design spilling through the mixture of shades the track provides. ‘Stronger’ cuts through in second place, alongside frequent collaborator BZRKR and its crunching bass mixes. So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM. Making another rung in the ladder for one of its defining musical faces.