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Anthony Mulholland is putting the spotlight on a provoking EP that sees two Drum and Bass heavyweights collaborate for the first time ever.

The ‘Heat Beams’ EP contains four electric tracks that will certainly be a sore miss to dance floors all over the UK. These heavy-hitting baselines and roller type rhythms will without a doubt attract Document One and Levela fans alike. In our eyes this project brings out the best qualities from these respective producers, creating a blueprint that will surely cause carnage when these songs are allowed to embellish our rave scene. 

Elevate Records released the single ‘Heat Beams’ on the 5th February 2021 as a taster for the EP release in March.‘The rasping hiss of heat beams’ is the eerie vocal sample we are greeted to before this minimal track provides you with a flow of hard bases and jungle breaks.The somewhat distorted synth patches create a rough and ready element to this energetic tune. Throughout the duration of this show stopper, the electric tremors provide a genuine buzz of exhilaration which will momentarily convince you that you’re at your favourite music venue again.There is a glooming yet weighty bassline throughout the drop, this will be sure to send ravers into an outbreak of frenzy. With this single already receiving lots of high praise, we expect ‘Heat Beams’ to be played a great deal throughout the year.  

Next, we have ‘Dials’, a track that possesses a sinister build-up achieved by using string-type and melodic sounds. The prominent percussion sample fused with another hard-hitting baseline forges a journey of mysterious endeavour. In a similar fashion to ‘Heat Beams’, this vocal sample creates an image of supernatural projection. The striking kicks and snares are seamlessly woven in and out, prompting an ebb and flow which adds to this fantasisful journey. This song would play extremely well in more intimate surroundings, in an environment where you can appreciate the intricacy of the intro and the variety of instrumental influence within the body of this creation.    

‘In My Mind’ is the third song on this colossal production EP,  this tune will undoubtedly be a club track that will get people frantically moving. The synthesizer generates a wave of power throughout, which we are sure will be a big hit with bassheads everywhere. Keeping a minimal essence, this powerhouse provides a disrupted bassline, broken up drum patterns and a haunting vocal sample which will create euphoria on the dance floor. Amongst the four-song project, this one certainly embodies what we would imagine a stereotypical Document One and Levela invention to sound like.

A number that fashions an uplifting and enthusiastic melody, ‘Steppa’ has a funky yet zestful spirit to it. The soothing intro intertwined with a more harsh vocal sample generates a rapture around it. With a notable slow down in the mid-section emphasizing the booming impact on the drop — the structure of this song really highlights the intricate features of a Document One and Levela collaboration. There is a hint of tribal flavour to this piece — truly constructing an exclusive sound design which has followed suit throughout this ‘Heat Beams’ project. 

It is fair to say that the Oxford based duo Document One and Brighton based Levela have produced an EP that epitomizes the best of their respective styles and methods. The individual minimal-type flair showcased throughout will leave a wide scope of Drum and Bass fans completely satisfied. These producers have been in the game a long while now — this project displays a wide breadth of their influences and has absolutely caught our attention here at Goat Shed. An EP which caters for a wide variety of sub-genres, Elevate Records have unquestionably landed an absolute gem with this project.