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Anthony Mulholland listens to Organ.

An artist who very much lets his distinct cosmic sounds do the talking; Dimension has released a debut album at long last. A body of work which presents us with a powerful essence of his musical influence and direction, ‘Organ’ contains seventeen tracks that provides his followers with an array of intergalactic melodies and tones. Taking into account the projects he has executed in the past, namely DIMENSION LIVE — a mesmerizing high-tech live show — once more, this album demonstrates a vision of highly intricate musical endeavour. His fellow Worship Artists, Sub Focus and Culture Shock, feature in this cultivating project that is sure to unite a sea of drum and bass fans from across the globe. 

Both the tracks ‘Devotion’ and ‘Desire’, featuring Cameron Hayes and Sub Focus respectively, are two drum and bass anthems that were already internationally acclaimed well before the release of this album. The stunning vocals on both create a striking impression that draws you into a pool of delight throughout, with such addictive and dynamic melodies to accompany the already hooking lyrics. These emotive numbers do a stunning job in pulling on the heartstrings of its listeners, creating such elation and building a powerful sentiment. Everyone knows the lyrics. As a result, magic is created when either of these are played at an event. Consistently hearing ravers sing along to the lyrics is a true measure of enchantment within the drum and bass world. These dance floor classics have found significant commercial success — ‘Organ’ contains two showstoppers that will be played at raves and festivals alike for a very long time into the future. 

Love to Give’ incorporates the unique production of Culture Shock and the compelling vocals of Billy Lockett —  with a notable permissive intro —  it’s easy to find yourself in a wave of harmonious emotion. The steady bassline and weighty synth lead generates a pulsation of musical revelation which, like many of the other features within ‘Organ’, highlights the passion and thrill that has gone into this work of art. It’s prevailing musicality will certainly attract a variety of appreciation from a wide-range of dance music lovers. Culture Shock undoubtedly left his imprint on this exhilarating tune, influencing a trance-type proficiency that operates well under the guile of Dimension.     

Delving away from the more empathetic and affectionate tunes, we have ‘Offender’ which is guaranteed to get everyone moving on the dancefloor. This acid-inspired trance appreciates a heavy techno beat that seamlessly intertwines into a drum and bass flow, with such ease, that it conceives an energetic and exuberant sound design which is unmistakable. The anarchistic expression truly inspires a foreboding revolution that could be imminent at any moment within the song. The robust nature in which the vocal sample wants to “break these walls” and “bang the door” spawns such excitement, especially when united with such a hard-hitting acid line. In a blueprint which started off as a remix for The Prodigy’s ‘Light up the Sky’, Dimension has accomplished a finished piece which provides us with the same aggressive and spirited approach. ‘Offender’ does itself justice in paying homage to the timeless dancefloor classic ‘Operation Blade’ by Public Domain.     

An epic build-up which results in arguably Dimension’s most indulgent and intricate track on the album, ‘Sensory Division’ is a complex arrangement of chords and melodies which implement a futuristic sound that has stayed true throughout ‘Organ’. Clementine Douglas, who also appears on ‘Desire’, produces another haunting vocal display that provides chills from the start. It’s heavenly feel will unquestionably administer an enchanted perception unto any sound system in the world. Inspired by progressive house music, this really adds to the melodious vibe  that has been formulated. The operatic vocal that accompanies this masterpiece compliments the instrumentation, as well as Clementine’s lyrics, to such an extent it’ll be recognized as a true testament to the versatility of the drum and bass scene by a magnitude of dance music admirers. 

We could go on all day analyzing the body of art Dimension has composed. All seventeen songs truly deserve to be appreciated in a way that acknowledges his electronic flair. The tracks we have evaluated concisely sum up the orientation this album possesses, highlighting the many musical avenues the half-British, half-Spanish producer has gone down over the last decade. However, special mentions should go to: ‘Danger’ featuring MC GQ, ‘UK border patrol’ and ‘Lord’s Prayer’ featuring Liam Bailey, as they all greatly epitomize a British culture which has been fundamental in a lot of Dimension’s work over the years. We are sure that festivals up and down the country will be welcoming these feel-good, multi-dimensional, tunes with open arms in the summer!