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As an artist on 30 year strong RAM RecordsChords has gradually established himself as an integral part of the roster. With the success of his ‘Arrhythmia EP’ sitting in its backdrop, he now emerges with a brand new selection, another package which exemplifies how he bridges the gap between his classically trained sound design and his dancefloor prowess.

Bringing together three brand new records, from title-track ‘Tooley Street’, a homage to his South London roots, through to the uplifting notes and driving forces of ‘MUR’, he ensures a range of tastes are catered for throughout. Meanwhile, ‘Libation’ remains with the pedal firmly placed on the floor, as it flips through percussive patches. The offering is once more a different flavor from Chords, demonstrating even years from his initial signing he’s still making waves within the label’s history, as well as continuing his own artistry underneath the RAM banner.

Get it here.