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Continuing a string of Eps based around the cities which have helped define rave culture, as well as the pinnacle of his influences, Chords returns with his ‘Park Street’ EP which sees him further set his roots into a label which spans over thirty years within the drum & bass genre. Chords has established himself within his home at RAM Records and following his ‘Tooley Street’ EP, Bristol is the next central theme as he explores his sounds throughout this chapter.

Introducing you to the ‘Park Street’ EP is the crunching LFOs and omnipresent grooves kicking through with the drums highlighted throughout ‘Reverse Hyper’, as Danny Wheeler then joins Chords on the EP’s swaying rhythms of its title-tracks. Meanwhile, ‘Under’ ft. Jamie Lewis brings ‘Park Street’ to an end, with uplifting layers of synthesis pushing through each fashioned, melodic sequence which juxtaposes the cuts’ grittier elements. Chords steps out of rigid sonic paradigms with his forthcoming release, something he’s become renowned for. And one reason why he’s a pivotal part of RAM’s ancestry and will remain on its forefront during the imprint’s 30th year.

Buy / Stream the brand-new EP from Chords here.