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The first vocal record from Calyx & TeeBee following the release of ‘Intravenous’ back in 2018, ‘Anything For Attention’ is a reflection of today’s current digital climate. Penned by Larry Cons, aka Calyx, and a forthcoming single from their homecoming ‘Plates’ LP, it’s a reawakening of Calyx & TeeBee’s emotionally deeper troves – yet still boasting the riddims which make them so identifiable in club spaces.

With plucking strings and tales of social media validation, ‘Anything For Attention‘ still helps to configure a signature blow which is reminiscent of the ‘Plates’ project’s previous singles. The shattering slams of its bassline is tempered by Larry’s continued vocals and the track takes you on a journey reminiscing on the old-school flavors which have made their ‘Plates’ album so anticipated. Calyx & TeeBee arrive in 2022 with yet more new music, as well as an album eagerly awaiting in its midst – and the date is now set for its release.