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BRIGSY is a homegrown talent from New Zealand and his forthcoming single ‘Chester Avenue’ highlights how much of a hotbed it is for the wider drum & bass ecosystem. Starting his career in 2019, he’s spent the last few years cultivating his career and ‘Chester Avenue’ is one of many releases which has seen him join big global names across stages at venues such as Studio the Venue, Baypark Stadium Lounge, Electric Timber and at festivals Rolling Meadows and Rhythm & Vines. Exporting his music worldwide, the heavyweight dancefloor slammer jump starts 2023 and will see him gravitate towards bigger audiences as the year progresses.

To commemorate its release we asked BRIGSY to guide us through the artists he pays homage to as well as those giving him inspiration this month. Take a look at his list below and be sure to grab a copy of his new release now.

Camo & Krooked

Self explanatory really. Two producers at the top of their game dropping tune after tune with what seems to be ever improving production. Their willingness to continually push the boundaries is inspiring and I can’t wait to hear what they release next.


The new(ish) kid on the scene who is again pushing the boundaries of drum and bass. His techy, alternative sound is super interesting to listen to and with releases on the likes of DnB Arena and featuring on Hospitals Spotify mixtape, the sky’s the limit for the young fella.


I’ve been a fan of Trinist for a while now, their tunes have been a staple in my sets. Their latest release ‘Interstatic/Obselete‘ absolutely smashes dancefloors and comes with a super unique sound to boot.

Master Error

An absolute weapon in the jump up scene and he’s been killing it recently. One of his latest tunes ‘Mercury’ flew under the radar a bit when he released it alongside ‘One Day’ but it features some very tasty sound design and showcases his ability to produce multiple sub genres.

Deep Notion

A fellow kiwi drum and bass producer making huge waves in the scene as of late with releases on RAM, Viper Recordings and S.P.Y’s label Dark Matter. I know for a fact he has huge things planned for this year and you’ll all be hearing about him very soon.