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We Bring you our favourite ones to watch’s ones to watch. (Trust us, they make sense!)

Since BrandNewTrumpets first signed to South London’s finest quirky half time label Diffrent Music, we’ve been in love with her unique style. To celebrate her latest release on the imprint Brand New Trumpets gives us a run down of her hottest up and comers.

Holsten– Dirt! This is what I wanna hear on the dancefloor at Rupture! Done.

Eusebeia- I love throwing a Eusebeia tune in the mix, it’s fun and meaningful: jungle heaven.”

No Nation & Sheba Q– Breaks galore and sublime bass wrapped in layers of dub; this is jungle, and it’s fresh and original.

Winslow – Crisp, funky and melodic. There’s something original about what Winslow does; I think it’s in the swinging musicality of it all, and it’s great. ‘It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

K-Super– Gone are the days when hardcore and jungle would be in different rooms, K-Super brings old flavours bang up to date to wake you right up. I hope she makes more!

BrandNewTrumpets- Why the hype?

A flautist and jazz lover, BrandNewTrumpets’ sound reflects her desire for freedom within music, often changing structure or mood at the drop of a hat. This never comes at the cost of emotional depth, however, her minimalistic tracks awash with warm, silky textures and sonorous subs..

Summer 2019 saw BrandNewTrumpets sign to South London label Diffrent Music, helping usher in a new era for the imprint with her debut EP ‘Ode To Olé’. Almost a year on, she returned with ‘The Workers’ EP, her sound intensified and influenced her time DJing and the unprecedented chaos of 2020.

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