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Following the release of their ‘Synthient’ EP in the latter half of 2022, Anoluxx returns this New Year with a brand new single and visual accompaniment which realigns you with the producer’s musical ethos. An anonymous project which has allowed its music to lead, their style of cyberpunk and deep techno has already racked up support from a host of tastemakers (including T.H.E Music Essentials, That Drop, Electronic Groove and more); something which will only grow as more music is revealed. 

Self-released and entirely independent, they’ve set themselves out amongst a tide of new artists currently pushing through by focusing on their sound and creating records which fully immerse their listeners. Moving away from mainstay record labels and instead taking full creative freedom over their work, ‘ID666’ continues the charge of Anoluxx’s previous releases whilst also unveiling another side to their artistry. Once again calling on the futuristic sonics which make Anoluxx identifiable, ‘ID666’ begins with ethereal atmospherics, slowly taking you into the record’s mechanical stream. As its drum sequences begin to build underneath the mix, with each kick stuttering against its structure, ‘ID666’ gradually expands in depth. Anoluxx does what they do best and that’s creating a track which is more of a journey. Lending itself to club spaces but also highlighting the intricacy of their production throughout, it’s another anthemic offering from the anonymous figure. 

2023 will see the development of Anoluxx, with more planned as the year progresses. Including a music video which introduces you to the shrouded face of Anoluxx too, the mystery only intensifies. But with the music festival season forthcoming and the club season in full swing, it’s surely time for the mask of Anoluxx to reach stages worldwide, with such a heavyweight catalogue sitting in the backdrop – one which remains expanding.