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Andromedik he just dropped brand new single ‘I See You’ ft. RIENK on Liquicity, after signing to the label in 2018 and building an enviable profile throughout the journey which led him to this release. And with a range of influences, which includes Liquicity’s Maduk, it came as no surprise that he’d soon find himself under the Dutch label’s banner. 

Released alongside RIENK, also a frequent face on Liquicity, it’s an uplifting, rolling record which pushes emotion within the track’s every segment. A featuring track within his set at Liquicity Prague, it raises the young producer and DJs profile once more. And to celebrate, we asked Andromedik the top five tracks to watch from his home country Belgian. You can grab the new single here, as well as check out his playlist below:

Belgian Dancefloor Smashers:

Murdock – Tribes

My all-time favourite by one of the legends in the Belgian drum & bass scene.

Netsky & Montell2099

This tune represents exactly what I love about Netsky. He has a really good ear for catchy, unique vocals and the tune is different from most of the dancefloor drum & bass that is being released today. Montell2099’s sound in combination with Netsky is a magic formula and I’m all here for it.

Used – I’m Yours

Used has always had his own approach to songwriting in drum & bass. It’s straight to the point and the fact that he adds his own vocals is super cool as well. Big up Used!

Basstripper – Lightspeed

My favorite track of Basstripper’s latest Radar Records EP. Extremely vibey and the production quality is through the roof.

KNGHT – Forever

An exciting new talent in the Belgian scene! Go check this guy out.