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Korsakov Music bossman AL/SO returned last week although this time it was through a debut solo EP on the label and events brand. Injected with drama, humour and acute levels of ADHD, the producer has followed titanium collaborations with the likes of Akov, High Maintenance and Sovryn with the ‘Toaster Bath’ EP.

With the dutchman crossing-genres for a four-track trip, these dancefloor fireworks take you through a range of motions, with collaborators Tom Vernon, Gid Sedgwick and Holdem also jumping in for the ride.

And to celebrate its release, we asked AL/SO the top five artists he’s been watching and taking inspiration from these past few months. You can find an extensive list, as well as the brand new ‘Toaster Bath’ EP below too…


Quite simply the biggest newcomers around. Everything they make is gold. Huge productions, huge melodies, huge drums, huge everything. Wonder who they are…


His next album is going to shit all over everything. That is all. Wait for it. 

PRFCT Mandem 

Do I even still have to explain this? Talk about an entrance to the scene. These two will be massive stars soon enough. Everything they touch turns to gold, some of the most unique productions around and everything is either beautiful or slaps. 


My guy has made quite the massive switch from bass house to drum & bass and I’m the proudest dad ever. He’s made massive strides with his already good productions and his tunes lately that he’s been sending me are silly. There’s something about his tunes that’s just inevitable. It’s got so much funk and originality and epic bass design and melody. Nobody makes tunes even remotely like him, yet everything works. 


This is going to be a huge vocalist in not just drum & bass but every genre she’ll undoubtedly touch. Her voice is undeniably amazing, it’s so powerful. She’s been blowing me away lately with all the stuff she’s working on and is going from strength to strength.