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From Brighton and London, to further across the UK and Europe, drum & bass producer AC13 has grafted over several years to become one of the genre’s most recognisable faces. Even at the age of 23 he’s wracked up an impressive catalogue, boasting tens of millions of streams worldwide. The procured infection of freshness and creativity within his style of drum & bass has enabled him to DJ under the banner of bass behemoth CRUCAST, D&B Allstars and NCS,  as well as carried him on tours across Australia and New Zealand too, ensuring a colossal fan base which is shown through the support of his music. 

In the wake of single releases such as ‘Take Me Down’, he now makes a debut on dance record label NCS. NCS was a main influence for his love of the sounds which have inspired his own records, as well as forthcoming selection Visionson the imprint, which is a precursor to the forthcoming festival season. Boasting the same thumping drum sequences which are a characteristic of his earlier productions, Visionsalso draws on AC13’s storytelling, something which ravers can relate to as it rolls out across any late night DJ set. 

Whether it’s during his performances at London’s superclub Printworks, or throughout his heavily packed touring schedule from continent to continent, Visionsis already an expected staple for fans at AC13’s shows. With AC13 also graduating onto NCS, a label which has also been an imperative part of his journey, it’s likely this year will be filled with even more successes as the producer continues his meteoric rise.