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We bring you our favourite ones to watch’s ones to watch. (Trust us, it makes sense!). This time, Belgian label Abyssal Music tip their favourites.

Why the hype? With releases from Xonder, Rubix and SoundDrone and much more coming up this year, Abyssal Music seems unstoppable. Not only are they releasing banger after banger, people also got the chance to see them play showcases at Afterlife and Rampage. High time to ask the people behind the label who THEY are watching.


One of the most underrated producers out there. This dude is a mastermind that can take on any genre, ranging from 140 to drum ‘n bass to experimental halftime. Fun fact: DMTR won every remix competition he entered so far and has something very special forthcoming on Abyssal too!


This guy has been making some mad moves lately and more people should know about him. Very new school & techy drum ‘n bass with sound design that’s on another level. All of his tunes make the crowd lose their mind every time I’ve played them out. Great sense of fashion too.


New collab project on the block consisting of 2 badboys that don’t nearly get enough recognition yet. Grintax & Skinzano joined forces to show off what they’re capable of together. If you’re into deep liquid that hits the feels just right and/or minimal stompers with crazy progression, then this is the one for you!


Another Belgian that hasn’t been sitting still during lockdown and boy, oh boy, do we love to see that! Taking inspiration from many other genres, his style is very unique and combines the best of both worlds. Can’t wait to show everyone the EP he’s got forthcoming with us as it’s been tearing up dancefloors all over the place!


This guy already made quite a reputation for himself in the jump up scene before taking a hiatus and returning with some jump up/deep/jungle hybrid belters! His workrate and talent are nearly unmatched as we receive a new dub folder almost weekly. Watch out for his forthcoming EP with us as well 😉