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For a third consecutive year DJ and producer A.M.C has won Best DJ at the Drum & Bass Arena awards.

This follows his brand new album ‘VOID’, which he released through his own label Titan Records, giving him full creative control. Singles ‘Eject’, ‘Operator’, ‘Bass’, ‘Triggers’ and ‘Don’t Forget The Dots’ helped set the stage for its release, littered throughout 2021 as the pandemic continued. However, whilst the rest of the world was in lockdown, he kicked off his biggest New Zealand and Australian tour to date in a historic move.

October also saw A.M.C headline his own event in London, celebrating the album’s release and leading to another coveted Drum & Bass Arena award. On 26th February, A.M.C and Phantom will be joined by the Eatbrain League (ft. Jade B2B MNDSCP B2B Pythius B2B ft. MC Coppa), Taxman and MC Det as well as Sabrina for another headline event, but this time at London’s Steelyard.

With more to come from A.M.C in 2022, including another line up of club shows the award-winning DJ is set to continue with his successes.