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After two whole years, Hospitality Weekend In The Woods was back! This time, Beckenham Hill Place Park was the place to be and we have to say, they couldn’t have chosen a more magical place. From dancing under the trees to watching the most perfect sunset on Sunday, it was a weekend we’re not going to forget anytime soon.

Not even nearly recovered from day 1, we were just in time to see the queens gyrofield and latesleeper kill it on the Let It Roll stage on the second day. Anyone who wasn’t awake yet, was given by a “Wake Up Slap“. These two followed by IMANU, it was the recipe of a great, great beginning of our Sunday. We were surprised of the amount of people standing still. How could you not move to this set??? He treated us to some of his best tracks, including one of our favourites, “Nagow“. Awake yet? Yes? Good. gyrofield, latesleeper and IMANU only gave us a taster of what was to come at the already legendary Let It Roll stage.

Heading to the Hospital Stage for Fred V’s set then. For this occasion, he brought Lottie Jones and Amy J. Price with him. Opening with the beautiful “Atmosphere“, he set the tone of what was going to be a dreamy set, filled with liquid drum and bass. The total opposite of what we just witnessed at the other stage and a very nice hour to recharge for a bit. About three weeks ago, the Exeter DJ released his new album, “Radiate“, but we were happy to hear he didn’t forget his past with Grafix, as the last track he played was “Altitude“, one of our favourite tracks by the duo. Joined by the one and only Amy J. Price, it was the perfect ending to this wonderful set. Recharged and ready for our second dose of neuro, we prepared ourselves to head back to the Let It Roll Stage.

An engagement and a lot of neuro

Award for the most wonderful moment of Hospitality Weekend In The Woods goes to… the engagement during Bou’s set. This added even more magic to an already very very magical set. Hard to follow up? Not for Black Sun Empire. He put his foot on the gas right away with a dub by Bur Oak. Man, he didn’t let go for one second. Playing one banger after another, we were desperate for a breather after only a few minutes. And so, the award for most probably the most dubs played and most energetic set of the entire weekend goes to Black Sun Empire.

Some more filthy neuro, you ask? Bad Company UK B2B Ed Rush & Optical B2B Audio delivered. If we had some energy left (and that’s a big if, considering we were almost at the end of this weekend), it was squeezed right out of us during this set. Because what do “Planet Dust” by Bad Company, “Dirty Talk” by Redpill, and that new DJ Fresh and Buunshin tune have in common? Right, they all got some playtime during this insane B2B. With this set, our stay at the Let It Roll stage came to an end. Some good six hours of neuro in total, we’re not mad!

Saving the best for last

Opening up with the fairly new, but already legendary track “Sientelo“. Only something Camo and Krooked can pull off. Following one banger after another, including “No Tomorrow“, there were just no flaws in their set. None. A half hour into it, they gave us yet another release to look forward to. A track they made just over two days ago, you say? Only a genius could pull that off and that’s exactly what they are.

Love Has Gone“? Well, not our love for Netsky. He promised us a ’10 Years of Netsky’ special and this Belgian DJ kept his promise. Playing his biggest hits from over the years, combined with his newest album “Second Nature“, what could possibly go wrong. Right, nothing. It was an amazing conclusion to an amazing weekend.