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Oliver Cogle takes a look at conscious clothing brand Awdio club.

The famous Nessie myth, heaps of thick-coated ginger cows, toffee so solid that you need a miniature hammer to break it up and herds of fellow wild Goats roaming freely in the boundless mountain ranges. If you haven’t already guessed – yes we are indeed referring to the Scottish Highlands.

At the top of our Island, where the River Ness meets the Moray Firth, sits Inverness – a coastal city honed as the Highland Capital which also betides a grass-roots platform run by two dedicated Junglists with a shared love for Drum & Bass, street fashion and underground culture.

Awdio Club – diligently curated garments for Drum & Bass heads with all resource staples 100% sustainably sourced where obtainable while keeping wastage to a bare minimum by personally stitching and printing all products in house. On occasion when stocks aren’t available, they have to insource upcycled or recycled materials meaning the folding card slotted inside your tee-shirt could be donated from another company and all item bags dissolve in warm water – how about that?

In a packed market of clothing and merchandise you might ask what sets this crew apart? The Awdio Club collective are holding an umbrella up for the entire Drum & Bass scene to craft their abilities under. Empowering DJ’s, Producers, Vocalists, MC’s and other industry professionals by creating opportunities and fusing interpersonal relationships for all involved to be directly at the forefront of their planning and direction with a fair distribution of benefits.  

Is it any surprise the likes of Mark XTC, T95, Madrush MC and PRFCT Mandem are already supporting along with an exclusive Sleep Less Records partnership? 

After being on a call with the bois from Awdio Club it was certain for us that they’re in this game for the passion for the music and their craft. This is exactly where we come from with the PRFCT Mandem project, so we really resonated. Also, it’s always on our mind to represent our values, one of which is being respectful to our environment by favouring the sustainable options when it comes to clothing and Awdio Club seem to know exactly what they’re doing with it. To be honest we don’t think it should be a top priority for artists to seek brand endorsements. However, it can be a very positive experience and does open great collaborative opportunities. It definitely is a win-win situation when both sides find benefits in it and is done for a good cause.”

Don’t sit around, head across to https://www.awdio.club/ for everything Awdio Club!

Most importantly though, don’t be a sheep!