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If you’re the type of person that lives for a seedy night out in a club where the only real source of light comes from the strobes on the dancefloor, then Junk is the place for you. Tonight, Canadian DJ Patrick Holland aka Project Pablo makes his debut to showcase his deep house vibes to the partygoers on the South Coast.
Support comes from Familiar Face, one of Southampton’s up and coming DJs, hoping to bring disco to a dancefloor near you. It’s time to strike a pose when a spin of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’starts blaring through the speakers, everyone trying their best to recreate the iconic dance moves from the music video. Setting the mood for the night, his bounce is infectious with not a single person standing still, ready to two step the night away.
2AM rolls around and it’s time for Project Pablo to take his place in the booth. With a two hour set hanging over his shoulders, he eases into it with some Afro-Caribbean sounds over the top of some muffled bass, prompting the summer season to start early in Southampton.

Throwing in a remix of Whitney Houston’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ shows a more delicate side to Holland’s music but it’s straight back to business with a seductive cover of Little Willie John’s ‘Fever’, famously re-recorded by Peggy Lee in 1958. Madonna also took it upon herself to put her own spin on the song in the early 1990s. Hearing it in a condensed club setting, it’s the kind of song that gets you feeling some kind of way, if you know what I mean. Wink wink.
Holland spends the night showing off his talent for blending the old with the new, making songs from decades ago feel current and on trend with the here and now. Laying down the foundations for a groovy get together, partying with Project Pablo is the perfect way to spend the Bank Holiday Weekend.

By the end of his set, the few stragglers that are left stumble out of the club, gurning and grinning from ear to ear. If you take anything away from tonight, it’s that Project Pablo is living proof that Canada isn’t just about maple syrup, ghost-writing rappers and Justin fucking Bieber.