Record Label.
(EST. 2019)

ESC_ (Escape) is a brand-new record label revealing exciting new sounds and artists amongst the underground community.
ESC_ label owners involve DJ and producers DV-US, Dunman and Vexxy who will be hosting a series of their events in two prominent places for dance music and student life in the UK; Bristol and Bournemouth. Previously before the birth of ESC_, DJ and producer DV-US ran a well established record label ‘Sub Low Audio’, releasing many artists, such as other ESC_ label cofounders Dunman and Vexxy, followed by up and coming names in the scene like HØST, New Oddysee & EYES DNT LIE .

The ESC_ label differs itself from others by giving lesser known artists, sounds and sub-genre’s more recognition. Each ESC_ co-founders musical backgrounds stem from Experimental Grime, Dubstep, 4×4, Wifey and R&G. So, prepare your ear buds for new sounds and artists who will guide you into a new era of experimental and electronic dance music.


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