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Author: Meg Davies

Locked Down with Charli Brix

Yo yo, Meg here from Goat Shed…  How’re you doing during this strange period of history? I’ve adjusted, I think, but I’m restless. I miss performing, I miss working. I’m an active person so I’m just filling my time with things to keep me sane..

Catching Up With Amoss: From Fields to Fruition

Jamoss! Yes Meg, how’re you doing?  Hello hello, very well thanks. Yourself?  Good. Yeah, fucking weird times at the moment. I hope you’re alright and not going crazy.  I think we all are in our own little way, aren’t we? Yeah, I feel like it’s

Concrete-19: LCY & Kirbstomp with the Low Down

I rarely set forth out into the depths of Pompey now my student days are over. Attending a rave nowadays involves a complicated series of deductive calculations rather than £8.50, a bottle of Glen’s vodka for pre’s and only my gun fingers to hand. I