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Author: Cyan

Talking Honks, Collabs and Moustaches with Waeys

Hey Casper, thanks for taking the time to talk to me today, much appreciated! So, as everyone knows, you first made some waves on the scene with your Ropple EP on Overview, which really was outstanding. What I’d like to know is what came before

5 Things I’ll Never Miss About Raves Again

Since lockdown seems to be coming to a close and since there’s the very faint possibility that we might even be allowed to go out partying this year (please, oh sweet Jesus please) here at the Goat Shed we thought we’d take this austere moment

Stay at home festival

The 10 Commandments of Stay At Home Fest

1 – Plants are your friends If you don’t have a plant front and centre, are you even actually DJing? 2 – Day drinking is allowed Not just allowed, it’s actively encouraged. 3 – If you rate, donate We all know you’ve got nothing better